Unmatched Scenario Randomizer

This is an Unmatched Randomizer tool. It helps you create random scenarios for Unmatched the Board Game. You can choose which game boxes you are having and which Unmatched characters and maps you want to include or exclude and this tool will randomly select the characters and maps for your 2 or 4 players games.

1. Sets selection

Battle of Legends: Volume 1

Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot

(2 Players Only)

(2 Players Only)

Bruce Lee
Jurassic Park - InGen vs. Raptors

(2 Players Only)

Cobble & Fog

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf

(2 Players Only)

Battle of Legends: Volume 2

Marvel′s Redemption Row

Marvel′s Hell′s Kitchen

Houdini vs. The Genie

(2 Players Only)

Jurassic Park: Dr. Ellie Sattler vs. T.Rex

(2 Players Only)

Marvel′s Teen Spirit

For King and Country

Brains and Brawn

Tales To Amaze

Sun's Origin

(2 Players Only)

2. Parameters

What is it?

This is a random Scenario Generator for the 2 to 4 players Board Game Unmatched by Mondo and Restoration Games. It helps you to quickly and randomly choose characters and a map to quickly start a new Unmatched game.With the Tales To Amaze expansion, it is also playable in co-operative mode from 1 to 4 players.

How to use?

You just need to select the sets of Unmatched games that you are having and the number of players you are (if 3 players and not in cooperative mode of Tales to Amaze, the setup is the same as for 4 players). Finally, click on to generate the scenario.

If you want to exclude some characters and/or maps from the scenario, you can click on to uncheck the characters/maps that you don't want.

The starting position gives you the number in which you start if you also want to have it randomized. It corresponds to the small numbers written on the board. It also gives you the player order (who starts, who is next...).

Rules and sets

You can find the rules from the first set of Unmatched Here. The base rules are applicable to all Unmatched boxes but additional rules might be included in rulebooks of later versions.

To play Unmatched, you can mix and match the characters and maps from the different sets and this tool helps you to randomly choose those characters and battle maps to quickly start a game. There are no restrictions in the combinations of characters: they can all be used at 2 or 4 players. For the battle maps, only the ones that have 4 starting positions on them (small numbers from 1 to 4 on the map) are compatible for up to 4 players, else, they are for 2 players only.

There is now the 3 players mode added as a free for all. The rules are the same as a normal game but any of the two opponent is a valid target. The only exception is that during the first turn, player 1 cannot target player 3. You can also play this mode at 4 players and Player 1 cannot target player 3 and 4 and player 2 cannot target player 4 during the first turn.

We are having the following sets available:

Have Fun!

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