Organize the way you share and book items


Are you tired of underutilized resources gathering dust in your home or office? Looking for a smarter, more sustainable way to access items like cars, meeting rooms, and equipment? Look no further – Planemo is the solution!

Welcome to Planemo, the website that organizes the way you share and book items. Our platform brings together friends, family members, coworkers, and communities to seamlessly organize bookings and unlock the true potential of their possessions.

Calendar booking page of the sharing group

Planemo is your free online platform for seamless, efficient, and secure sharing and booking of various resources, including cars, meeting rooms, equipment, machine, housing and much more. You create groups for sharing and put in those the items you want to share and the persons you will share those items with. Then, each person can reserve them and you are able to manage the bookings. No more hassle of back-and-forth communication by email, calls or text messages to coordinate the sharing of your items.

Key Features

1. User-Friendly Interface

Planemo offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface whether you are looking for sharing an item with others or booking a family car. You visualize all your bookings in your different circles in one page.

2. Item categories

You can organize your items within categories for example transportation (cars, bikes), meeting spaces (conference rooms, desks), equipment (tools, electronics). This classification helps users easily find and share what they need.

3. Secured Sharing

As an admin, you are in control of who can access your group. You choose whether it is closed and only admins can add users or if you want an easier to join group in which any user within it have the possibility to share a link for new users to join.

Why Choose Planemo?

  • Efficiency and Convenience: Easily share and borrow resources with just a few clicks, all in one place.
  • Free to use: Planemo is free to use, without limit of number of users, items shared or bookings. You can also create as many sharing groups as you need.
  • Centralization of all your bookings: You have all your bookings in one place. You can create one group for sharing with friends, one for family... and all your bookings will be visible from one unified dashboard.
  • Cost savings: By sharing items within your circles, you will avoid the unnecessary cost of renting or owning resources.
  • Sustainability: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet by participating in the shared economy.

Use cases examples

You could use Planemo for sharing family cars between family members. It would allow family members to organize the booking of a car easily and in a structured way. You no longer need to remember when each family member booked a car, you direclty see when each car is available.

Calendar booking top page

Another example would be for a small company to organize the usage of equipments or meeting rooms by the company workers. Workers could ask to book a certain equipment for a certain period of time and an admin could decide whether to accept or reject the booking.

Bookings approval management

You can also view and manage your bookings from all your different circles easily.

Bookings visualization

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