Combination of numbers to match the total

This Combinational sum tool will help you find combinations from a given set of numbers that add up to the given total. We display up to 5 combinations that give the desired total. If no combination gives the desired sum, we will display the combination that is the closest.

1. Input

Number of Items in List: 0

2. Parameters

What is it?

This is a tool to find which combination(s) of numbers from a given set would match the desired total.

How to use?

Firstly, you need to input the list of items that will constitute your list. Then, you need to input the total that you want to match. Finally, click on to display the combinations of items that matches the total at the top. We will display up to 5 combinations. If no combination matches the total, the combination that is the closest to the total will be displayed.

How to input the list of items?

To input the list of items, you can:

  1. Input the list of items one by one using the 'Input Item Name' and 'Value' Fields. To do that, just input name in the first field and the value in the second one and Press Enter Key or . Repeat the operation until all items are input.
  2. Simply copy paste a list from a CSV file, a Text File or other sources to directly populate the list of items. To do so, Click on and a large text box will appear. Just paste your list of items in the large text box. Each item needs to be on a new line and the item name and value needs to be separated by either , or ;. Finally, press to add all the items to the list. Those items will be added on top of the ones that were already there before.

If you want to delete all items in the list, use the Button. You can also delete an individual item of the list by using next to the item you want to remove.

What can it be used for?

This tool is to be used each time you want to identify which combinations from a set of number gives the total result. For example, if you want to check which items got discounted in your last groceries from your cash receipt, but the cash receipt only gives the total of cost of discounted items before the discount but doesn't say which items were discounted, you can just used this tool to find out which combination of items would have led to the total.

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