Random Group Generator

This random group generator assists you in creating Teams of equal or different sizes. For the list of names, you can either do a manual input one by one or choose to copy paste a list from a text file or a CSV file. You can then choose to have same size teams and the number of persons in each team will be calculated automatically or you can choose to define by yourself the number of persons in each team and get groups of different sizes. With this new version, you can now also influence the result by forcing 2 persons to be in the same team or to be put in different teams.

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1. List of Names

Number of Items in List: 0

2. Teams Options

Group Name

Group Size

Total Number of Persons: 4

3. Extra Conditions

Do you want 2 persons to be together? Or 2 persons to not be in the same team? You can add your conditions here!

How to use?

With this random group generator, you first need to input the list of names that you want to split in groups. You then can select whether or not you want to set the size of each group individually. Then, you need to select the number of groups that you want to create. You can change the Group Name from the default value if desired. If you have selected the option, you will need, for each group, to set the desired group size. Finally, click on and the generated teams will be displayed at the top of the page.

How to input the list of names?

To input the list of names, you have 2 options:

  1. Input the list of persons one by one using the "Input Name" Field. To do that, just input name in the field and Press Enter Key or . Repeat the operation until all names are input.
  2. Simply copy paste a list from an Excel or CSV file, a Text File or other sources to directly populate the list of names. To do so, Click on and a large text box will appear. Just paste your list of names in this text box (accepted separators for the list are: New Line or Tabulation or , or ; ). Finally, press to add all the names to the list. Those names will be added to the list and they will not replace or delete the ones that were already in the list.

You can delete all names from the list by using the Button. You can also delete an individual name of the list by using next to the name you want to remove.

If you want to generate new groups with same parameters, you can do so by re-clicking on or .

How to input extra conditions?

If you want to add extra conditions when creating teams (forcing 2 persons to be in same/different teams), you will first need to input the list of names and the teams sizes, and then press . Then, it will open a new page in which you will be able to input your special conditions.

You can't add conditions if you are having duplicates in the list of names. You will need to delete them before. You can input up to 20 conditions in total. When you add conditions to the Teams creation, the algorithm is less random. We don't recommand adding conditions if you are looking for a fully random draw.

This is how to input the conditions:

  1. Select the condition type: Together if you want to force 2 persons to be together or Separated if you want to ensure that 2 persons are not placed in the same team.
  2. Select the 2 persons that will be affected by the condition.
  3. Press .
  4. Repeat for each other condition you want to add (limit of 20).

Once done, press to create the Teams. We will try to achieve as many conditions as possible. If some conditions are still not achievable, they will be .

If you want to go back to a draw without conditions or if you want to modify the list of persons, you just need to delete all conditions by pressing just above the list of conditions and then press .

Saving your Teams

You can now also save up to 30 teams draw and access them from your account. To save a team, click on . You can access all your saved teams via the button at the top of this page. You can share your teams draw to others via the share hyperlink.

What can it be used for?

The random group generator is to be used when you want to create teams or groups from a list of persons. It will attributes persons to a group easily in a random and unbiased way. It is a very useful tool to create groups for class assignments, sport teams, board games teams and in many other occasions. It can also be used to attribute a list of tasks to different persons for example.

It could also be used to create groups of different sizes for workshop or classroom activities when activities are having different capacities. For example, you want to have different activities in a classroom but for some activities, you can have maximum 2 students, for some others, you can have 5... This tool will help you spread all your students across your different activities taking into account the capacity of each activity. It can also be used in some assymetric board games, sport or team building activities to create teams of different sizes.

You can now also force the draw and prevent 2 colleagues that can't stand each other to be in the same team or put in the same team 2 persons that can never be separated!

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