Remove Duplicates

This tool is used to remove duplicates from a list online. You can choose if it is case sensitive or not. You can also use it to sort items of the list in ascending or descending orders. You can quickly export the results to clipboard.

1. Input

Number of Items in List: 0

2. Parameters

3. Output

What is it?

This is an online tool to quickly remove duplicates from a list online, sort the items and copy the results to the clipboard.

How to use?

Firstly, you need to input the list of items from which you want to remove duplicates. Then, you need to choose whether or not the case (lower/upper) should be considered when searching for duplicates. Finally, you can click on . The duplicates will be removed from the original list on the left. You can still modify this new list to add or delete items. You can also sort the items in either ascending or descending order using .

You can then quickly export the result using . They will be direclty copied to your clipboard and you will just have to paste the results where you want. When we copy the list, each item is placed on a new line.

How to input the list of items?

To input the list of items, you can:

  1. Input the list of items one by one using the 'Input Item' Field. To do that, just input item in the field and Press Enter Key or . Repeat the operation until all items are input.
  2. Simply copy paste a list from an Excel file, a Text File or other sources to directly populate the list of names. To do so, Click on and a large text box will appear. Just paste your list of items in the large text box (separators used to split the elements in the list: New Line or Tabulation or , or ; ). Finally, press to add all the items to the list. Those items will be added on top of the ones that were already there before.

If you want to delete all items in the list, use the Button. You can also delete an individual item of the list by using next to the item you want to remove.

What can it be used for?

You can use this online tool each time you want to remove duplicates from a list (e.g. you received a list of names but some names are appearing several times and you just want to have them once). You can also use this duplicates removal tool if you want to remove duplicates from an Excel file considering the case but can't do it with Excel as Excel drop duplicates function is not case sensitive (in this case, you can quickly copy your column data using function, then removing duplicates without the 'Case Insensitive' option, 'Copy to Clipboard' the results and paste them back in your Excel file).

You can also use it just to sort items from a list in either ascending or descending order.

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